Round Tour - Amazing Sri Lanka
(12 Days / 11 Nights)
Day 01 : Polonnaruwa
Day 01 : Polonnaruwa

This Sri Lanka itinerary is a journey through the best Sri Lanka destinations for almost two weeks! The first city in our Sri Lanka itinerary: Polonnaruwa, bears a rich history to be discovered by you. Welcome to the city that was once a kingdom and thus protects some of the best-preserved archeological relics of the world. You walk into the remnants of the Royal Palace of King Parakramabahu, the archaeological museum of Polonnaruwa, the Polonnaruwa Vatadage, and many more well-conserved historical sites. You are amazed by the details put to each of these remnants. You then visit a royal Sri Lanka attraction called Parakrama Samudraya, a water reservoir consisting of five lakes. You spend the evening beside one of these lakes surrounded by lush greenery. – A moment to remember! 

Activities :

  • Greetings by Ovation representative at the airport
  • Proceed to ancient city of Plonnaruwa
  • Check into the hotel to refresh
  • Later tour around the Polonnaruwa city
  • Witness 2500 year-old remnants in ancient museums
  • Walk through to the Local village with friendly villagers
  • Enjoy the sunset by the “Parakrama samudra” (water tank)
  • Enjoy your first grand buffet dinner in Sri Lanka
  • Overnight stay in the beautiful hotel
Day 02 : Sigiriya
Day 02 : Sigiriya

Day 2 of this tour starts with the most visited Sri Lanka attractions. Sigiriya is one of the places where locals believe they must visit, at least once in their lifetime, which is why we included this destination for your Sri Lanka itinerary. Due to the locals’ insisting, you alternate the climb to the Sigiriya rock by hiking through the Pidurangala rock. As you reach the cliff you are rewarded with the breath-taking view of the Sigiriya rock surrounded by the thick forest, beautiful water streams with the perfect breeze that plays with your hair. This golden land; is also home to the stunning ‘Royal Gardens’; which is one of the oldest gardens in the world. You end the day with a soul-tapping walk in the village: the calm before the adventures that await in your Sri Lanka itinerary!

Activities :

  • Wake up to the beautiful Polonaruwa village life
  • Take a morning walk around the charming village
  • Enjoy the breakfast buffet overlooking the lake
  • Taste tropical fruits fresh from the village
  • Proceed to the city of Sigirya
  • On the way, visit Mineriya National Park for wildlife
  • Check in to your beautiful hotel in Sigirya
  • In the afternoon, climb Sigirya Rock Fortress
  • Back to the hotel and relax
  • Devour a humongous dinner buffet at the hotel
Day 03 : Kandy
Day 03 : Kandy

Waking up on the third day of your Sri Lanka holiday itinerary, all you feel is the luscious nature. Surrounded by bio-diverse rainforests and misty mountain ranges, Kandy is an ancient capital located in the central hills and is one of the best places to visit in your Sri Lanka itinerary. It is among the top Sri Lanka destinations with scenic beauty! So you wander around a royal botanical garden and sip a cup of tea in a café inside: while sinking in its spellbinding natural beauty. There is so much more to do in this city of art and beauty. You check your Sri Lanka itinerary and decide to go on a city tour. You walk through batik and wood carvings shops, visit ancient temples, and end the day with a calming boat ride. 

Activities :

  • Start your day with a never-ending breakfast buffet
  • Enjoy mouth-watering fresh tropical fruits
  • Exit from dry zone in Sri Lanka to cool hill stations
  • On the way stop by at Dambulla cave temple
  • Visit Spice village and know about famous Sri Lanka spices
  • Enjoy an authentic Sri Lankan meal cooked in spice village
  • Check in to the enticing Kandy hotel & refresh
  • Visit the sacred Tooth Relic Temple
  • Enjoy a flavourful dinner buffet at the hotel
  • End your day with a refreshing Sri Lankan Lion beer
Day 04 : Ella
Day 04 : Ella

Beautiful Sri Lanka is all you are asking for, and we give that on your wonderful Sri Lanka itinerary. Ella town is one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka from your Sri Lanka tour itinerary. You experience one of the most picturesque train rides in the world when you pass beautiful mountains, steamy waterfalls, luscious forests, and villages with beaming locals: on the Kandy to Ella train. You climb the Ella rock and walk along the rails on the famous Nine Arch Bridge. As promised by your customized Sri Lanka itinerary, you arrive at the edge of the Diyaluma falls yet, another Sri Lanka attraction. You jump right in the gushing water, and you feel like you are in an infinity pool, but it is all the magic of nature!

Activities :

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Proceed to Ella
  • Enjoy a world famous train ride
  • Capture beautiful waterfalls and old style train stations
  • Check in to the charming Ella hotel & refresh
  • Taste original Ceylon Tea at a tea estate
  • Witness the famous Ella Gap
  • Visit the beautiful Nine Arch Bridge
  • Bath in natural pools of beautiful waterfalls
  • Hike mini Adams Peak
  • Appetizing Sri Lankan dinner buffet at the hotel
Day 05 : Yala
Day 05 : Yala

You have been patiently waiting for the daring adventures in your Sri Lanka itinerary, and finally, it is the day! Yala National Park is one of the most loved Sri Lanka attractions for its jungle ride full of excitement, and it is never an option to miss on your Sri Lanka tour. You are in the jungle, and suddenly you realize that it doesn’t matter at what time you venture into the wilderness because, as the name declares, it is wild! As promised by your Sri Lanka itinerary, you witness the mesmerizing leopards, gigantic elephants, and different species of vibrant birds hovering on tree branches chittering and chattering as you arrive.

Activities :

  • Delicious breakfast buffet at the hotel
  • Check out and proceed to Yala national park
  • Check in to the tropical hotel in Yala
  • Gear up for the jungle safari
  • jeep safari to the jungle in Yala National Park
  • Proceed back to hotel for over-night stay
  • Enjoy a BBQ dinner with a Sri Lankan Lion beer
Day 06 & 07 : Mirissa
Day 06 & 07 : Mirissa

Your Sri Lanka itinerary just got interesting! There are plenty of things to do in Mirissa, and the amount of hype over this beachfront city is undeniable, which is why we added the destination for your Sri Lanka itinerary. When we say your Sri Lanka itinerary is made just for you, it means you are spending three whole days on the beach! You feel your adrenaline still kicking in from the ride to Yala as you get ready to go snorkeling, scuba diving, and kite surfing! You didn’t forget to take an Instagram-worthy snap in the famous Coconut tree spot. Early on the second day, you go dolphin and whale watching in Mirissa beach and enjoy the day with water sports. As the sun is slowly setting, you joyously lie on the soft beach with your loved ones. 

Activities : Day 06

  • Take a walk around the Yala village with locals
  • Check out from the hotel
  • Proceed to breathtaking Mirissa Beach
  • On the way, visit Sri Lankan stilt fishermen
  • Check in to beach front hotel in Mirissa
  • Relax and enjoy your time by the beach

Activities : Day 07

  • Wake up to the sound of the beach waves
  • Early morning Yoga session at the beach
  • Prepare to take a boat ride to visit whales & dolphins
  • Take part in a range of exciting water sports
  • Later proceed back to your beach hotel & relax
  • Enjoy the BBQ & seafood dinner buffet


Day 08 & 09 : Sinharaja
Day 08 & 09 : Sinharaja

From the pristine beaches back to the jungle! Your adventure in this Sri Lanka tour itinerary is not over yet. After a wonderful week in this tropical paradise: it’s time to explore the Sinharaja Rain Forest. You find a beautiful natural water spring surrounded by the luscious forest. You hop into it with a sweet king coconut in your hand. Ah! It sure feels good. After a relaxing time, you get back to the beautiful hotel reserved for you and have a delicious Sri Lankan meal with mouth-watering curries. The following morning of your Sri Lanka itinerary, you go for a village walk in the naturally beautiful Sinharaja with welcoming villagers.

Activities : Day 08 & 09

  • Wake up to the beautiful bird chirpings
  • Start the day with a jungle walk
  • Jungle trekking in Sinharaja Rainforest
  • Proceed back to Sinharaja hotel and relax
  • Later, Sink in an Ayurveda spa session
Day 10 : Bentota
Day 10 : Bentota

Love for the sea never ends. On the tenth day of your Sri Lanka tour, you rent a bicycle in Bentota and cycle through the gorgeous city as you come across paddy fields, stunning ancient mural paintings in ‘Mullegoda temple’, and visit the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery. You stop by to chit-chat with the friendly locals and enjoy the delicious local food. It is an amazing Sri Lanka itinerary if it includes the enchanting gardens resting in the heart of Bentota. But when we say Sri Lanka itinerary, no matter where it is: a little adventure awaits. So you jump back into the turquoise waters eagerly for water sports. You sit on the golden beach with your loved ones and think of your Sri Lanka holiday and itinerary while enjoying the beautiful sunset. A real vacation it is!

Day 11 : Colombo
Day 11 : Colombo

Colombo is the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, and in your Sri Lanka itinerary, this is the best place to end your Sri Lanka tour. The beautiful museum-like Gangaramaya Temple, heavily decorated Old and New Kathiresan Kovils, the gigantic Red Mosque (Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque), and the Wolvendaal Church; the only Dutch church in Sri Lanka altogether portray the diverse cultures in the country. The city is full of energy and has the best restaurants and shopping complexes in your Sri Lanka itinerary. It is the last travel day of your Sri Lanka tour, and you spend a wonderful time with the locals in their social hubs like Independence Square, the Arcade, the Viharamahadevi Park, and the Galle Face Beach. As you watch the heart-warming sunset, the Colombo nightlife is calling you for an insane party night!

Day 12 : Departure
Day 12 : Departure

The guide will take you back to the international airport for a safe journey.

We hope and wish that you will visit this beautiful country again.


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