Sun & Sand

Calmer ocean, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, deep-sea fishing, water skiing windsurfing, kayaking or canoeing, but who’s counting. Bentota beach is equipped for activities for virtually all sea goers looking to have a great time. Even the choice of accommodation has its advantages from luxury to budget. Finding places to stay is quite convenient if you book early or even if you’re passing through. However, during peak season, it may be a task to infiltrate. This part of the southern coast is easily accessible via the Southern Expressway. Best recommended times for safe swimming conditions plus a range of other water sports and excursions is November through April.

Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa Beach is well-known for its uniformity with the sunny-side of life. Be it sunbathing, sea-boat rides, scuba diving and snorkeling by the reef or even surfing, the coastal waters of Hikkaduwa is just the place to find the picture perfect scene for sea, sun, sand and much fun. Renting or buying almost any form of swim gear is easy here, with the Hikkaduwa town at a mere arm’s length from the beach. Shops here have been catering to tourists for many years and are amply seasoned in knowing their wants and needs, away from home. From scrumptiously affordable seafood restaurants to garments of any sort, the Hikkaduwa beach has a long running ‘thumbs up’ reputation by its countless visitors. Unlike in the past, when it took several hours to get here, Hikkaduwa beach can be reached in under an hour and a half on the Southern Expressway, from Colombo, and many other coastal and non-coastal cities alike. Peak visiting months include November and April, however, January to March is also recommended.

Unawatuna in Sri Lanka

Unawatuna is a town in coastal Area of the Galle District in Sri Lanka. It is one of the most famous and largest sources of attraction for people. The main things that catch the attention of people are its beautiful beach and corals.

The Unawatuna beach is a major source of tourist attraction. The beach is a beautifully stretched area of land covered with sand that can raise the standards of any holidays with its exotic view and extraordinary environment. Corals are basically aquatic invertebrates that are established in colonies of a number of indistinguishable polyps. One of the things of this beach that hands it the grip over the others is these corals which are viewed and examined while snorkeling. One of the main preferences of tourists is to enjoy the marine life and examine it carefully and if you are one of them then the Unawatuna beach might just be the place to spend your holidays.


The BBC documentary titled “Ocean Giants” featuring the mesmeric world of Whales and Dolphins, and the scientist’s effort to shed light on their habits and why they grow so large were filmed around Mirissa Sri Lanka and according to them 30 Blue Whales were sighted in a single day!

One of the best places in the world to see one of the only recorded resident blue whale colonies in their natural habitat. Dolphins are regularly spotted on whale watching trips organized from Mirissa and Dondra head on the south coast.

Tangalle is a huge town with beautiful attractions and breathtaking views. Tangalle is filled with attractive places and sandy beaches. Just everything you are looking for, Tangalle is fulfilling all the requirements. It has rough, strong waves and creates such an impact on a person’s mind that they are just rejoiced. It’s beaches are Sri Lanka’s reply to ‘’heaven’’. The ocean stretches as far as one’s eyes can manage to see. Isn’t that just delightful? What a perfect way to beat the summer heat with some fresh water. The beaches in Tangalle have a harmonized environment and the sunsets are a must see!

Tangalle has alot of places one can boast about. It’s beautiful zoo that capture the imagine of wildlife so accurately that one can just not forget. Obviously, the flawless beaches and historic places Tangalle is so full of these things.


An Ideal beach town for sun and sea lovers and about an hour’s journey from Colombo, Negombo is also a short trip from the airport in Katunayake. With fabulous sunsets, strolls along the shore, little shops selling garments and souvenirs, live bands playing, restaurants peppering almost the entirety of the seaside strip, water sports at the beach park; fishing, kite surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, are a part of the everyday sights, sounds and things to do, when in Negombo. This beach town is easily accessible from E03 expressway while leaving from Colombo to the airport or after arrival in Sri Lanka. A short stay on your way, if time permits, would be something to experience.


Two words; Whale Watching. But there’s always the ever so charming beach to make the most of your trip to Kalpitiya. Be there as early as seven in the morning and head off on a boat from coast to spot the spectacular creatures of the sea, dolphins and whales. Expect to see giant flips of tails or even flashes of playful curiosities from the friendlies. February to March is the best recorded times for sperm whale sightings, and acrobatic pods of spinner dolphins. The rare humpback dolphin is also been known to show up in the waters of Kalpitiya. November to April is recommended for calm seas and the sun kissed beach and a 160 km journey from Colombo is well worth it for not only is the ocean safari breathtaking, unless you’re prone to a bit of seasickness, but fun on the beach is equally pleasurable.

Mount lavina
Mount Lavinia

For those city-dwellers who want to make a quick getaway away from all the hustle and bustle, the city of Mount Lavinia is the ideal location. With its sandy golden beach, stimulating salty sea air and glorious sunsets, Mount Lavinia is a quick and perfect escape from the city life.


The white sandy beaches of Nilaveli in Trincomalee are considered as one of the best beaches on the island. Peaceful, serene and breathtaking, Nilaveli Beach is in its best form from April to October. From surfing to scuba diving, and other water sports, tourists from all over, make their way to the east coast. Nilaveli translates to open land of the moon-shine’ and testaments the name to its true beauty. Attractions of this coastal resort town include the beach and a visit to the Koneswaram Temple situated nearby. You can get to Nilaveli by car, or train. Car journey from Colombo takes about 6 hours, by bus (public transport) takes about 7 and half hours. Nilaveli Beach has direct access to the famous Pigeon Island where you can go snorkelling or scuba diving.


Located in the East Coast of Sri Lanka, a visit to the shores of Passikudah is an experience in itself. Passikudah Bay is to the north of Batticaloa nestled on one side of Kalkudah beach. A perfect spot for sea-bathing, Passikudah Bay’s flatbed is a great opportunity to take advantage of a good and safe wade or swim to as far as 200 meters from the shoreline. The shared shores of Passikudah and Kalkudah are reef secured and thus the ocean waves are a lot calmer in this part of the Eastern Coast. Around dawn, and if you’re lucky enough to be up that early, sights of deep-sea fisherman bringing back the previous night’s catch on to the beach can be seen, where many vendors from the island over await their best buys. The Kalkudah beach is ideal for surfing and windsurfing during the month of September, which is also considered the best month to visit the East Coast.


Tourism in Arugam Bay is overwhelmed by surf tourism, on account of a few quality breaks in the zone; however visitors are likewise pulled in by the neighborhood shorelines, tidal ponds, noteworthy sanctuaries and the adjacent Kumana National Park.

The Arugam Bay territory is known for its quality surf breaks. The Main Point is one of the main surfing areas of the Bay found towards the south of the sound. This is a correct hand point break, with a stone/reef base, and has various areas with incidental barrels. Different breaks in the zone incorporate Whiskey Point and Pottuvil Point toward the north, and Elephant Rock, Peanut Farm and Okanda toward the south. These breaks have pulled in a constant flow of worldwide travelers for quite a few years. Arugam Bay has a decent neighborhood surf scene and is home to some of Sri Lanka’s most gifted surfers and lately surfers from Arugam Bay have ruled national competitions. The first international surfing competition in this bay was held in mid-2010.

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